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Life can't be sustained for long without the basics of human needs, and this is where sustainable development comes into play. Everyone needs shelter, clean water, food, education, and income to support themselves, as well as medical needs; these are basic human rights.

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You may think pollution isn't your problem because you don't litter, you believe your automobile meets EPA requirements, and besides, you may not live in one of the cities they list as the worst polluted areas.  But pollution rears its ugly head in many forms and everyone is affected.

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Recycling provides many benefits to the planet, such as cleaner water for drinking and bathing, and healthier plants and animals. Itís estimated that each year well over one million sea mammals, turtles, and sea birds are killed from litter -- and it could all be avoided if the population decided to recycle!

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Sustainable Development

Our Planet is in Danger

The Consequences Revealed


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Sustainable Development

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Here you will find guides on Recycling, Pollution and Sustainable Development. We can all do our bit, for Sustainable Development information click the picture to the left..


For Pollution information, click on the Pollution picture to the left. Where you can read about Waste Management, Air Pollution, Emmissions, Education, Ecosystem, Biodiversity and Water Pollution.


For the Recycling section, please click on the Recycling picture to the left. We have sections on Water, Oil, Glass, Metal, Plastic and Paper Recycling. Also how to go about recycling Computers and all electrical equipment, plus many other useful guides.

Environmental Pollution

Simple Steps You Can Take to Help Reduce Pollution


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Waste Recycling

A Simple Daily Plan to Help in our Global Recycling Efforts


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